【Job talk】The Impact of Home Pregnancy Testing on Fertility and Women’s Later-Life Outcomes

  • 研討會日期 : 2023-01-04
  • 時間 : 10:00
  • 主講人 : Ms. Chien-Tzu Cheng (程千慈)
  • 地點 : Online or Conference Room B110
  • 主持人 : Professor Tzu-Ting Yang
  • 演講者簡介 : Ms. Cheng is expected to receive her Ph.D. in Economics from Brown University in 2023. Her research fields are Health Economics and Labor Economics. She is applying for a position of the Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica now.
  • 演講摘要 : Home pregnancy tests give early fertility information and help women make timely family-planning decisions. This paper studies how the introduction of home pregnancy tests in the US in 1977 impacted fertility, early prenatal care, and later-life outcomes. Using county-level drugstore accessibility to approximate test availability, I document significant trend breaks in fertility rates after 1977 among women who had access to drugstores. The effects are the strongest for those aged 15–29 and concentrated among those with access to abortion services. In the long run, women exposed to home pregnancy tests were more likely to delay childbirth, participate in the labor force, and never marry; these women were also less likely to divorce.