【Brownbag】Inference for ROC Curves Based on Estimated Predictive Indices

  • 研討會日期 : 2022-08-05
  • 時間 : 12:10
  • 主講人 : Professor Yu-Chin Hsu (許育進)
  • 註冊 : TBA
  • 地點 : Conference room B110
  • 演講摘要 : We provide a comprehensive theory of conducting in-sample statistical inference about receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves that are based on predicted values from a first stage model with estimated parameters (such as a logit regression). The term “in-sample” refers to the practice of using the same data for model estimation (training) and subsequent evaluation, i.e., the construction of the ROC curve. We show that in this case the first stage estimation error has a generally non-negligible impact on the asymptotic distribution of the ROC curve and develop the appropriate pointwise and functional limit theory. We propose methods for simulating the distribution of the limit process and show how to use the results in practice in comparing ROC curves. Keywords: classification, ROC curve, uniform asymptotics, estimation effect.