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All participants are required to stay at least two nights (Check-in:Aug. 6 & Check-out: Aug. 8) in our Activity Center which is just located inside Academia Sinica. The main purpose of this workshop is to provide an intensive learning and sharing environment for potential economists. The intention of overnight stays could definitely save the commute time and let participants to keep discussing their research findings or plans with leading scholars as well as other researcher without interruption. We expect not only exchanging ideas but also building up a support network during this three-day workshop. A comfortable and cozy single room with reasonable price is reserved for every participant. Please let us know if you need a double room or any other specific preference. We hope everyone could obtain plentiful and substantial outcomes after the workshop.


On Campus Accommodation
Activity Center of Academia Sinica
128, Academia Road, Sec. 2, Nankang, Taipei 115, Taiwan
Period Provided: August 5 ~ August 9, 2019.