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Working Papers

14-A0152014-12-102014-12-10Effects of Labor Taxes and Unemployment Compensation on Labor Supply in a Search Model with an Endogenous Labor ForceBeen-Lon Chen, Chih-Fang Lai, Nov. 2014
14-A0142014-12-102014-12-10Relative Effects of Labor Taxes and Unemployment Benefits on Hours Worked per Worker and EmploymentBeen-Lon Chen, Mei Hsu, Chih-Fang Lai, Nov. 2014
14-A0132014-10-312014-10-31Common-pool Resources, Ecotourism and Sustainable DevelopmentDeng-Shing Huang, Yo-Yi Huang, Oct. 2014
14-A0122014-10-302014-10-30台灣實質薪資的停滯現象: 全球趨勢與台灣特徵黃登興, 劉碧珍, 楊子菡, Oct. 2014
14-A0112014-09-292014-09-29Home Production and Small Open Economy Business CyclesKuan-Jen Chen, Angus C. Chu, Ching-Chong Lai, Sep. 2014
14-A0102015-07-292014-09-26Trend Definition or Holding Strategy: What Determines the Profitability of Candlestick Technical Trading Strategies?Tsung-Hsun Lu, Yi-Chi Chen, Yu-Chin Hsu, July 2015
14-A0092014-09-252014-09-25Wage Stagnation? Fact Disclosure and Cross-Country ComparisonChang-Ching Lin, Juin-Jen Chang, Shu-Shiuan Lu, Sep. 2014
14-A0082014-08-042014-08-04Intergenerational Income Mobility in Taiwan: Evidence from TS2SLS and Structural Quantile RegressionKamhon Kan, I-Hsin Li, Ruei-Hua Wang, Aug. 2014

14-A0072014-05-312014-05-31The Role of Agricultural Productivity on Structural ChangeBeen-Lon Chen, Shian-Yu Liao, May 2014
14-A0062015-09-012014-04-01A Stochastic Frontier Model with an Endogenous Treatment Status and a MediatorYi-Ting Chen, Yu-Chin Hsu, Hung-Jen Wang, Sep. 2015
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