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Research Fellows

Yeh, Chun-Hsien

Yeh, Chun-Hsien

  • Title:Research Fellow
  • E-Mail:chyeh at econ.sinica.edu.tw
  • CV:CV
  • curriculum vitae:

    Ph.D. in Economics, University of Rochester (2002)
    Research Fields:Fair allocation mechanism design, Game Theory, Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics, Political and Public Economy

Education background

  • Ph.D. in Economics, University of Rochester, USA (2002)

Research Fields

  • Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics
  • Political and Public Economy

Research Specialty

  • Fair Allocation Mechanism Design
  • Game Theory
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Political Economy

Current Position

  • Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica (2011.7~Present)
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Economics, National Taiwan University (2014.2~Present)
  • Joint Professor, Institute of Business and Management, National Chiao Tung University (2013.2~Present)


  • Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica (2008.2~2011.6)
  • Associate Professor, Department of Economics, National Central University (2007.2~2008.1)
  • Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica (2002.9~2007.1)


  • Excellent Research Award for Junior Faculty, National Central University, Taiwan (2007)
  • Outstanding Research Award, National Central University, Taiwan (2008、2009)
  • Young Investigator Merit Award, National Science Council, Taiwan (2007~2009)
  • Wu Ta-Yu Memorial Prize, National Science Council, Taiwan (2008)
  • Marquis Who’s Who in the world (2009, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Career Development Award, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2010~2014)
  • Excellent Junior Researcher Award, National Science Council, Taiwan (2011~2013)
  • Distinguished Research Award, National Science Council, Taiwan (2011~2014)


  • Associate Editor: Asia Pacific Management Review (亞太管理評論 TSSCI) 2014~
  • Associate Editor: Academia Economic Papers (經濟論文 TSSCI) 2013~
  • Associate Editor: Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy (人文及社會科學集刊 TSSCI) 2013~2019
  • Associate Editor: Economic Modelling (SSCI) 2019~



  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien; Moreno-Ternero, Juan D.; Tsay, Min-Hung(2020), "A strategic justification of the Talmud rule based on lower and upper bounds," International Journal of Game Theory, Forthcoming (SSCI, JET, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien; Tsay, Min-Hung(2019), "Relations between the central rules in bankruptcy problems: a strategic implementation perspectives," Games and Economic Behavior,(113), 515-532 (SSCI, JET, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien; Hu, Cheng-Cheng; Tsay, Min-Hung(2018), "A study of the nucleolus in the nested cost sharing problems: axiomatic and strategic perspectives," Games and Economic Behavior,(109), 82-98 (SSCI, JEL, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien; Chun, Youngsub; Hu, Cheng-Cheng(2017), "A strategic interpretation of the Shapley value for the nested cost sharing problem," Journal of Public Economic Theory, 19(1), 219-233 (SSCI, JEL, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien; Cheng-Cheng Hu and Min-Hung Tsay(2012), " Axiomatic and strategic justifications for the constrained equal benefits rule in the airport problem," Games and Economic Behavior, 75(1), 185-197(SSCI, JEL, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien and Yan-An Hwang(2012), "A characterization of the nucleouls without homogeneity in airport problems," Social Choice and Welfare, 38(2), 355-364(SSCI, JEL, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien and William Thomson(2008), "Operators for the adjudication of conflicting claims," Journal of Economic Theory, 143 177-198(SSCI, JEL, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien(2008), "Secured lower bound, composition up, and minimal rights first for bankruptcy problems," Journal of Mathematical Economics, 44 925-932 (SSCI, JEL, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien(2008), "An efficiency characterization of plurality rule in collective choice problems," Economic Theory, 34 575-583 (SSCI, JEL, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien(2006), "Reduction-consistency in collective choice problems, (Lead article)," Journal of Mathematical Economics, 42 637-652(SSCI, JEL, Econlit).
  • Yeh, Chun-Hsien(2006), "Protective properties and the constrained equal awards rule for claims problems, (Lead article)," Social Choice and Welfare, 27(2), 221-230(SSCI, JEL, Econlit).