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Adjunct Research Fellows

Chou, Ray-Yeutien

Chou, Ray-Yeutien

  • E-Mail:rchou at econ.sinica.edu.tw
  • CV:CV
  • curriculum vitae:

    Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, San Diego (1988)
    Research Fields: Econometrics, Financial Markets, Time Series Analysis

Education background

  • Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, San Diego (1988)

Current Position

  • Adjunct Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica (8/2020-)


  • Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica (3/2005-7/2020)
  • Adjunct Professor, National Chiao Tung University (3/2005-)
  • Visiting Scholar, Stern School of Business, New York Universty of. (2/2013-6/2013)
  • Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Business, Fordham Universty (2/2013-6/2013)
  • Associate Research Fellow Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica (6/1995-3/2005)
  • Adjunct Associate Professor National Chiao Tung University (9/2004-3/2005)
  • Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Business, Universty of. Chicago (9/2000-3/2001)
  • Adjunct Associate Professor National Central University (9/1995-6/2004)
  • Adjunct Associate Professor National Taiwan University (9/1995-2/1996)
  • Assistant Professor Georgia Institute of Technology (9/1988-6/1995)


  • Ranked 4 of 235 economists in Taiwan, among top 3% in Asia. Also among top 3% in the world in number of citations. See IDEAS, RePEc, October, 2020.
  • Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award 2017, 2018.
  • Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, 2004, 2012-13, 2015, 2017-20.
  • Listed in Who's Who in Asia 2017.
  • Listed in Who’s Who in Economics, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2003.
  • Third most cited papers in Journal of Econometrics, Vol.1-150, 2009.
  • Cited in the Press Release for the 2003 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.
  • The article Bollerslev/Chou/Kroner (1992) is ranked first as the most frequently cited papers among all articles published in Journal of Econometrics in 1990-2000 and ranked 3rd in 1980-2000. See Dirkmaat, Journal of Econometrics, 2001, 100.


  • Taipei Economic Inquiry (1998-)
  • Review of Financial Risk Management (2005-)
  • Journal of Management & Systems (2007-)
  • Taiwan Economic Forecast and Policy (2009-)



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  • Chou, Ray Yeutien, Jin-Li Hu and Tzu-Pu Chang(2013), "Market conditions and the effect of diversification on mutual fund performance: should funds be more concentrative under crisis?," Journal of Productivity Analysis, forthcoming(forthcoming), forthcoming. Files(Open New Window)
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