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Volumes and Issues

Volume 32,No.3 (Sep. 2004)

Volume 32,No.3 (Sep. 2004)

Date of Publication:2004-9

Guest Editors' Introduction

頁碼:2PDF downlaod(Count:43290)
Tsu-Tan Fu, Cliff J. Huang, and C. A. Knox Lovell

Aggregation of Cost Efficiency: Indicators and Indexes Across Firms

頁碼:17Abstract(En)(Count:52577)PDF downlaod(Count:42776)
Rolf Färe, Shawna Grosskopf, and Valentin Zelenyuk

Banking Reforms, Productivity, and Risk Management in Taiwan's Banking Industry

頁碼:27Abstract(En)(Count:50561)PDF downlaod(Count:38643)
Ming-Hsiang Huang

A Study on Industry-Switching Behavior and Productivity–The Case of Taiwan's Electronics Firms

頁碼:25Abstract(En)(Count:49718)PDF downlaod(Count:39456)
Jong-Rong Chen and Shan-Ying Chu

An Analysis of Productivity Growth in Western Australian Agriculture

頁碼:33Abstract(En)(Count:12473)PDF downlaod(Count:12145)
Nazrul Islam