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Volumes and Issues

Volume 30,No.2 (Jun. 2002)

Volume 30,No.2 (Jun. 2002)

Date of Publication:2002-6

The Research Performance of Taiwan Economic Institutes in EconLit (in Chinese)

頁碼:38Abstract(En)(Count:47787)PDF downlaod(Count:43324)
Tien-Wang Tsaur, Ching-Chong Lai, and Feng-Jia Chang

Spatial Pricing, Optimal Location, and Social Welfare with Consumer Arbitrage (in Chinese)

頁碼:29Abstract(En)(Count:52634)PDF downlaod(Count:42807)
Yan-Shu Lin, Hong Hwang, and Chao-Cheng Mai

When Stricter Evaluation Criteria Induce Poorer Performance

頁碼:24Abstract(En)(Count:50607)PDF downlaod(Count:38672)
Wei-Torng Juang

The Adoption of Product Innovations with Spillovers

頁碼:39Abstract(En)(Count:49767)PDF downlaod(Count:39483)
Shiou Shieh