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Volumes and Issues

Volume 31,No.3 (Sep. 2003)

Volume 31,No.3 (Sep. 2003)

Date of Publication:2003-9

Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy for Intertemporal Pension Fund Management with Time-Varying Volatility

頁碼:33Abstract(En)(Count:45837)PDF downlaod(Count:41389)
Simon H. Yen and Yuan-Hung Hsu Ku

Ultimate Control and Expropriation of Minority Shareholders: New Evidence from Taiwan

頁碼:37Abstract(En)(Count:50398)PDF downlaod(Count:41008)
Yin-Hua Yeh, Chen-En Ko, and Yu-Hui Su

When Will the Controlling Shareholder Expropriate Investors? Cash Flow Right and Investment Opportunity Perspectives

頁碼:31Abstract(En)(Count:48496)PDF downlaod(Count:36971)
Konan Chan, Shing-Yang Hu, and Yan-Zhi Wang

The Valuation and Hedging Strategy of High Yield Notes

頁碼:35Abstract(En)(Count:47697)PDF downlaod(Count:37766)
Szu-Lang Liao and Chou-Wen Wang

On the Discrimination of Competing GARCH-type Models for Taiwan Stock Index Returns

頁碼:37Abstract(En)(Count:12019)PDF downlaod(Count:11677)
Yi-Ting Chen

Can Prospect Theory and Investor Protection Explain Banks' Incentives to Manage Earnings? New Evidence across 48 Countries (in Chinese

頁碼:52Abstract(En)(Count:3026)PDF downlaod(Count:5082)
Chung-Hua Shen and Hsiang-Lin Chih

Equilibrium Analysis of Enforcing After-hours Fixed-price Trading in a Call Market under Asymmetric Information (in Chinese)

頁碼:37Abstract(En)(Count:1085)PDF downlaod(Count:2217)
Chyi-Mei Chen and Chien-Shan Han

Banking Relationships and Lending Behavior (in Chinese)

頁碼:43Abstract(En)(Count:1635)PDF downlaod(Count:1160)
Chia-Pin Chen and Yi-Hsun Lai