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Public Policy Workshop

Population and Macroeconomics Forum


2017 Macroeconometric Modelling Workshop (MMW) was held on 7-8 December, 2017 with the “Population and Macroeconomics Forum" chaired by Dr. Shin-Kun Peng, Secretary-general of Academia Sinica on the first day. Professor An-Chi Tung from IEAS was served as the moderator under the topic of “Aging of Population and Economic Growth in Taiwan”. Dr. Hsiao-Hung Chen from the Control Yuan, Republic of China, Professor Kuanjeng Chen from Chang Gung University and Dr. Joan C. Lo from IEAS were invited as the panelists. The forum discussed the influence of population growth on economy as well as the impacts and challenges of aging population in the future.

Agenda (in Chinese)
Video (in Chinese)