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Call for Papers for Special Issue

Special Issue on  Empirical Applied Microeconomics

Guest Editors

Hsien-Ming Lien (Department of Public Finance, National Chengchi University)
Wei-Min Hu (Department of Public Finance, National Chengchi University)
Ching-I Huang (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)

Academia Economic Papers invite submissions for a special issue on empirical applied microeconomics, which is scheduled to be published in 2021. Academia Economic Papers is now ranked as the top journal in economics by the Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan) and indexed in international databases including EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale, Scopus, and Cabell’s Directory. Also, the abstracts of Academia Economic Papers are listed in the EconLit published by the American Economic Association. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Science and Technology has ranked Academia Economic Papers at a level between Tiers B+ and B among international journals since 2015.

In recent years, government surveys and administrative materials has become more and more accessible. In addition, the development of big data helps collect different sources of microdata. Furthermore, the explosion of internet has made people's behaviors easier to measure and collect online. All these factors have contributed to the booming of studies on empirical applied microeconomics, one of the booming areas in economics. Thus, this special issue focuses on empirical applied microeconomics, and welcomes submissions of research papers of empirical studies based on microdata. Specific areas cover (but not limited to) the following:
  1. Labor economics                     5. Education economics                        9. Economic history
        2. Industrial economics               6. Development economics                 10. Positive economics
        3. Health economics                    7. Environmental economics               11. Urban economics
        4. Law economics                        8. Public economics

【How to Submit and Deadline of Submission】
Research articles could be either in English or Chinese and must be submitted in pdf format. Research articles must be submitted online via our online submission system (http://journal.econ.sinica.edu.tw/aep) by August 31st, 2020.