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Call for Papers for Special Issue


Special Issue on  Finance

Guest Editor
Chuang-Chang Chang (Department of Finance, NationalCentralUniversity)
Sheng-Syan Chen (Department of Finance, NationalChengchiUniversity)
Yehning Chen (Department of Finance, National Taiwan University)

Academia Economic Papers invites submissions for a special issue on finance, which is scheduled to be published in 2019. Academia Economic Papers was ever ranked as the top journal in economics by the National Science Council in Taiwan and is now indexed in international databases including Cabell’s Directory, EBSCO, Gale, and ProQuest. The abstracts of Academia Economic Papers are
listed in the EconLit published by the American Economic Association. The Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan has ranked Academia Economic Papers at a level between Tiers B+ and B among international economics journals since 2015.

        1. Asset pricing                                           12. Compensation policy  
        2. Market microstructure                            13. International finance 
        3. Portfolio management & strategy          14. International financial management  
        4. Fund management                                  15. Behavioral finance  
        5. Security analysis                                    16. Insureance & actuarial science
        6. Financial markets                                   17. Risk management 

        7. Financial institutions                              18. Real estate 
        8. Financial engineering                             19. Financial accounting
        9. Financial econometrics                           20. Interdisciplinary research
      10. Corporate finance                                    21. Other related topics
      11. Corporate governance

How to Submit and Deadline of Submission
Research articles either in English or Chinese must be submitted in pdf format via our online submission system (http://journal.econ.sinica.edu.tw/aep) by August 31, 2018.