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Instructions to Contributors

  1. Please submit your manuscript in pdf format to AEP Auto Submission System at http://journal.econ.sinica.edu.tw/aep.
  2. Academia Economic Papers publishes articles in Chinese or English quarterly in March, June, September and December.
  3. Academia Economic Papers does not consider papers that have been previously published or presently submitted elsewhere.
  4. Accepted manuscripts should be edited by authors in accordance with the format detailed in “Preparation of Manuscripts for Academia Economic Papers,” which is available upon request.
  5. The authors of published papers are entitled to 5 copies of the issue in which their articles appear and 10 reprints of their contributions for free.
  6. The authors should assume sole responsibility for the opinions expressed in the published papers.
  7. Upon acceptance for publication in Academia Economic Papers, the authors will transfer the copyright of the article to Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica. However, the following rights are reserved: (1) The right to use, free of charge, all or part of this article in future works of their own, such as books and lectures. (2) The right to reproduce the article for their own purposes.