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About SETA

First organized in 2005, The International Symposium on Econometric Theory and Applications (SETA) has been a premier international forum bringing world-renown academics, researchers and professionals for presentation of new findings and discussions of future development in the field of econometrics. The Symposium aims to encourage econometric research, both theoretical and applied, and foster the exchange of ideas and communication among attendees. The 10th Symposium is organized by the Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica and Taiwan Econometric Research, and will take place May 29-30, 2014 at the Center of Academic Activities (Activity Center), Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan.

In the past, SETA was hosted by Academia Sinica (Taiwan), Xiamen University (China), University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong), Seoul National University (Korea), Kyoto University (Japan), Singapore Management University (Singapore), Monash University (Australia), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), and Sungkyunkwan University (Korea).