Past Seminars

2022 Seminars

Date Presenter Title
JUL.22 Prof. Chang-Tai Hsieh  (University of Chicago) Two Strong Hands: China's Vision for the Private Sector
AUG.9 Prof. Ping Wang (Washington University in St. Louis) To Stay or to Migrate? When Becker Meets Harris-Todaro
AUG.30 Prof. Weihong Zeng (Xi'an Jiaotong University) Persistence Despite Revolutions
SEP.13 Prof. Zheng Song (Chinese University of Hong Kong) Special Deals from Special Investors – The Rise of State-Connected Private Owners in China
OCT.4 Prof. Xiaodong Zhu (University of Hong Kong) Migration Costs, Sorting, and the Agricultural Productivity Gap
NOV. 22 Prof. Ruixue Jia (UC San Diego) Ideas Mobilize People: The Diffusion of Communist Ideology in China