2023 Term 1 (January~June)

Date Title Presenter Affiliation
February 17 Land Use Distortion in a Spatial Economy Wen-Tai Hsu (許文泰) Academia Sinica
March 17 Should Non-abating Countries Impose Carbon Taxes in Response to Border Carbon Adjustment? Kenneth Dy (李金全) Academia Sinica
April 14 Data Scientist Hiring, Markup, and Asset Prices Chi-Yang Tsou (鄒季洋) University of Manchester
April 28 Mind-Reading Ability Predicts Sales Performance: Evidence From Financial Consultants Josie I Chen (陳儀) National Taiwan University
May 26 How Does Land Use Policy Affect Local Labor Market and Housing Market? Meng-Ting Chen (陳孟霆) Soochow University
June 9 The Long-Term Impact of Child Disability on Parental Labor Supply Tzu-Ting Yang (楊子霆) Academia Sinica


2022 Term 2 (July~December)





  July 15

Inclusive Origins of Rapid Industrialization: the Persistent Effects of the Colonial Bank Networks on Taiwan’s Economic Miracle Shao-Yu Jheng (鄭紹鈺) National Taiwan University
  July 22 Education Attainment and Structural Transformation Terry Cheung (張庭源) Academia Sinica
  August 5 Inference for ROC Curves Based on Estimated Predictive Indices Yu-Chin Hsu (許育進) Academia Sinica
  August 19 Does Combining General Election and Electoral Referendum Increase the Voter Turnout? A Gamified Experimental Study Wei Chen (陳暐) National Taiwan University
  September 2 The Tower of Babel: Localization, Translation, and International Trade Han Yang (楊宗翰) Academia Sinica
  September 16 Improving Quantal Cognitive Hierarchy Model Through Iterative Population Learning Shih-Fen Cheng (鄭世昐) Singapore Management University
  September 30 Animal Spirit in the New Keynesian Model: How Does Cognitive Bias Affect Monetary and Fiscal Policies? Chih-Han Hsueh (薛致涵) Academia Sinica
  October 21 On "Machine Labor": Many instrumental variables versus variable selection Chor-Yiu Sin (冼芻蕘) National Tsing Hsu University

  November 11

Riot Networks and the Tullock Paradox: An application to the Egyptian Arab Spring Chih-Sheng Hsieh (謝志昇) National Taiwan University

 November 25

Lender Concentration and Sudden Stops Chun-Che Chi (紀鈞哲)

Academia Sinica