2024 Term 1 (January~June)


Title Presenter Affiliation
January 19 Neighborhood Traffic Environment Improvement Program and Traffic Safety Po-Chun Huang (黃柏鈞) National Chengchi University
March 1 Experimentally Testing the Theory of Diagnostic Expectations Donghoon Yoo (劉東勳) IEAS
March 29 Did Anti-Pandemic Policies Hurt the Economy in the Short-Run? Ziho Park (朴至鎬) National Taiwan University
April 12 Sunk Cost and Entrant's Choice of Capacity Joonkyo Hong (洪俊教) National Taiwan University
April 26

Power Plant Emissions, Air Pollution, and Contemporaneous Health

Hsuan-Chih Lin (林軒馳) IEAS
May 10 Child Labor, Technological Adoption, and Structural Transformation Terry Cheung (張庭源) IEAS
May 24 Inequality and Earnings Dynamics in Taiwan Hsuan-Li Su (蘇軒立) National Taiwan University
June 7 Sorting Through Matching with Evidence Gunhaeng Lee (李根行) IEAS
June 21 Market Size and Institutions in a Global Economy Wen-Tai Hsu (許文泰) IEAS



2023 Term 2 (July~December)

Date Title Presenter Affiliation
July 7 Do Non-Blind Tests Hurt College Opportunity for Economically Disadvantaged Students? Evidence from Taiwan Chih-Yu Tsou (鄒志宇) National Academy for Educational Research
July 21 Social Influence in Household Equity Investment: Evidence from Randomized Military Drafts Tim C.C. Hung (洪志清) National Taiwan University
August 4 Social Network and Industrial Policy: Japan's Camphor Monopoly in Colonial Taiwan Yi-Fan Chen (陳奕帆) National University of Kaohsiung
September 15 Economic Integration, Decoupling and Labor Share Han Yang (楊宗翰) IEAS
October 13 The Impact of Cognitive Capacity and Trust Level on Bayesian Updating Yating Chuang (莊雅婷) IEAS
October 27 Cap-and-Trade System, Firm Selection, and Emission Efficiency Yi-Fan Chen (陳奕帆) National University of Kaohsiung
November 10 R&D Investments, Outsourcing and Non-neutral Productivity Growth Yi Lee (李宜) National Tsing Hua University
November 24 Hazed and confused: The effect of pollution exposure on CEO risk-taking YiLin Wu (吳儀玲) National Taiwan University
December 8 Limited Liability and Legal Entities Travis Ng (吳嘉豪) Chinese University of Hong Kong
December 22

The Impact of US-China Trade War on Taiwan's International Trade

Loretta Fung (馮炳萱) National Tsing Hua University


2023 Term 1 (January~June)

Date Title Presenter Affiliation
February 17 Land Use Distortion in a Spatial Economy Wen-Tai Hsu (許文泰) Academia Sinica
March 17 Should Non-abating Countries Impose Carbon Taxes in Response to Border Carbon Adjustment? Kenneth Dy (李金全) Academia Sinica
April 14 Data Scientist Hiring, Markup, and Asset Prices Chi-Yang Tsou (鄒季洋) University of Manchester
April 28 Mind-Reading Ability Predicts Sales Performance: Evidence From Financial Consultants Josie I Chen (陳儀) National Taiwan University
May 26 How Does Land Use Policy Affect Local Labor Market and Housing Market? Meng-Ting Chen (陳孟霆) Soochow University
June 9 The Long-Term Impact of Child Disability on Parental Labor Supply Tzu-Ting Yang (楊子霆) Academia Sinica


2022 Term 2 (July~December)





  July 15

Inclusive Origins of Rapid Industrialization: the Persistent Effects of the Colonial Bank Networks on Taiwan’s Economic Miracle Shao-Yu Jheng (鄭紹鈺) National Taiwan University
  July 22 Education Attainment and Structural Transformation Terry Cheung (張庭源) Academia Sinica
  August 5 Inference for ROC Curves Based on Estimated Predictive Indices Yu-Chin Hsu (許育進) Academia Sinica
  August 19 Does Combining General Election and Electoral Referendum Increase the Voter Turnout? A Gamified Experimental Study Wei Chen (陳暐) National Taiwan University
  September 2 The Tower of Babel: Localization, Translation, and International Trade Han Yang (楊宗翰) Academia Sinica
  September 16 Improving Quantal Cognitive Hierarchy Model Through Iterative Population Learning Shih-Fen Cheng (鄭世昐) Singapore Management University
  September 30 Animal Spirit in the New Keynesian Model: How Does Cognitive Bias Affect Monetary and Fiscal Policies? Chih-Han Hsueh (薛致涵) Academia Sinica
  October 21 On "Machine Labor": Many instrumental variables versus variable selection Chor-Yiu Sin (冼芻蕘) National Tsing Hsu University

  November 11

Riot Networks and the Tullock Paradox: An application to the Egyptian Arab Spring Chih-Sheng Hsieh (謝志昇) National Taiwan University

 November 25

Lender Concentration and Sudden Stops Chun-Che Chi (紀鈞哲)

Academia Sinica