2023 Term 2 (July~December)

Date Title Presenter Affiliation
July 7 Do Non-Blind Tests Hurt College Opportunity for Economically Disadvantaged Students? Evidence from Taiwan Chih-Yu Tsou (鄒志宇) National Academy for Educational Research
July 21 Social Influence in Household Equity Investment: Evidence from Randomized Military Drafts Tim C.C. Hung (洪志清) National Taiwan University
August 4 Social Network and Industrial Policy: Japan's Camphor Monopoly in Colonial Taiwan Yi-Fan Chen (陳奕帆) National University of Kaohsiung
September 15 Economic Integration, Decoupling and Labor Share Han Yang (楊宗翰) IEAS
October 13 The Impact of Cognitive Capacity and Trust Level on Bayesian Updating Yating Chuang (莊雅婷) IEAS
October 27 Cap-and-Trade System, Firm Selection, and Emission Efficiency Yi-Fan Chen (陳奕帆) National University of Kaohsiung
November 10 R&D Investments, Outsourcing and Non-neutral Productivity Growth Yi Lee (李宜) National Tsing Hua University
November 24 Hazed and confused: The effect of pollution exposure on CEO risk-taking YiLin Wu (吳儀玲) National Taiwan University
December 8 Limited Liability and Legal Entities
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Travis Ng (吳嘉豪) Chinese University of Hong Kong
December 22 TBA Loretta Fung (馮炳萱) National Tsing Hua University