August 8
August 9
August 10
09:30 - 09:50   Registration  
09:50 - 10:00 Opening Remarks  
10:00 - 11:40   Session A - Mo-Huan Auditorium  
  Macroeconomics Microeconomic Theory Applied Economics
Chair: Chang-Tai Hsieh Chair: Jimmy Chan Chair: Shin-Yi Chou
Kai-Jie Wu
Self-Selection and the Diminishing
Returns of Research
Yu-Chi Chu
Optimal Life Cycle Social Security Tax
Calvin Kuo
Principal Quality and Student Outcomes: Evidence from North Carolina
Donghoon Yoo
What Is Consumer Confidence?
Gunhaeng Lee
Sorting through Matching with Evidence
Wei-Lin Chen
The Impact of Partisan Politics on Policing Practices: Evidence from North Carolina's Sheriffs' Offices
11:40 - 13:00   Lunch & Discussion  
13:00 - 14:30   Parallel Session B - B110 Conference Room   
  Applied Economics (I) International Trade Microeconomic Theory
Chair: Chih-Sheng Hsieh Chair: Wen-Tai Hsu Chair: Tsung-Sheng Tsai
Yu-Hsi Liu
The Impact of an Artist's Country of Origin on Art Pricing: An Empirical Investigation of Authenticity in Art Market
Han Yang
A General Equilibrium Assessment of Global Emission and Economic Impacts: Stimulating Climate Action through the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
Chih-Chun Yang
Optimal Auctions for Bidders who Never Use Obviously Dominated Strategies
Fang-Chang Kuo
Housing Market Responses to Information Revelation: Evidence from TSMC’s New Fab
Sung-Ju Wu
Trade War and Production
Response in Vietnam
Junrok Park
Optimal Robust Double Auctions
Yi-Shan Lee
Acquisition and Utilization of
Information in Social Networks
Pao-Li Chang
Labor Market Implications of Taiwan’s Accession to the WTO: A Dynamic Quantitative Analysis
Yi-Cheng Kao
Major Switching at Selective Colleges
  Parallel Session C - C103 Conference Room  
Economic Development Applied Economics (III) Macro (II)
Chair: Been-Lon Chen Chair: Wei-Min Hu Chair: Jang-Ting Guo
Terry Cheung
Transportation Network, Technology Adoption and Structural Transformation
Ruei-Hua Wang
The Effect of Increasing Pension Age on Benefit Claiming and Retirement Behavior: Evidence from Taiwan
Chun-Che Chi
Spatially Targeted LTV Policies
and Collateral Values
Jen-Kuan Wang
Land Reform and Taiwan's Growth Miracle
Yu-Chun Cheng
Misreport or Misallocation? Firms’ Behavioral Response to a Size-Dependent Audit Policy in Taiwan
Paul Ilhak Ko
Globalization, Gender Wage Gap, and Female Labor Force Participation
Yi-Fan Chen
Social Network and Industrial Policy: Japan's Camphor Monopoly in Colonial Taiwan
Karin Wu
Media Impact on Consumer Purchasing Decisions: Evidence from Avian Influenza Outbreak in the US
Hui-Jun Chen
Debt Financing, Used Capital
Market and Capital Reallocation
14:30 - 15:00 Coffee Break
15:00 - 16:00   Parallel Session D - B110 Conference Room  
  Macro (I) Applied Economics (IV) Macro (III)
Chair: Jin-Tan Liu Chair: Pao-Li Chang Chair: Shu-Shiuan Lu
Shu-Shiuan Lu
The Role of Internet Development in Explaining Cross-Country Income Differences
Yi-Wun Chen
The Heckman Selection Model with Stochastic Frontier Analysis and Endogeneity
Ying-Hsuan Chao
The Effect of Unemployment
Insurance Eligibility in Equilibrium
Yu-Chen Liu
Who Gets Hurt? A Reexamination on
Foreign Exchange Intervention
Wen-Chi Liao
Suburban Housing Creation: Result of Transit Network Expansion in Central City
Yu-Hsuan Yen
Coworker Network and Differential
Earnings Recovery in Recessions
  Parallel Session E - C103 Conference Room
  Finance (I) Finance (II) Applied Economics (V)
  Chair: Wen-Chi Liao Chair: Tse-Chun Lin Chair: Hsien-Ming Lien
  Tse-Chun Lin
Information cherry-picking:
When confirmation bias met anchoring bias
Po-Keng Cheng
An Investigation Into the Diversifier, Hedge, and Safe Haven Properties of Cryptocurrencies: A Structural Change Approach
Yau-Huo Shr
Is Yield Response Enough? Drought Impacts on Crop Acreage Throughout the Production Cycle
  Chi-Yang Tsou
Pollution Abatement Investment under Financial Frictions and Policy Uncertainty
Chia-Yi Yen
Managerial Taxes, Co-ownership,
and Risk-Taking Decisions
Jian-Da Zhu
Incentivizing Demand Response Using Auctions: Evidence from Steel Producers in Taiwan
  Parallel Session F - C101 Conference Room
  Applied Economics (II)  
  Chair: Tzu-Ting Yang  
  Chia-Yu Tsai
Economic Transparency, Political Competition, and Social Stability in China
  Kuan-Ming Chen
The Costs of Intimate Partner Violence: From Violence Onset to Report
16:00 - 16:20   Coffee Break  
16:20 - 17:30   Plenary Speech - Mo-Huan Auditorium  
  Chair: Ping Wang Chair: Joseph Tao-yi Wang Chair: Ruey S. Tsay
  Chang-Tai Hsieh Jimmy Chan Tong Li
  Romer or Ricardo? Multidimensional Screening in College Admissions: Should Top Colleges Admit Students Through A Lottery? Testing the effects of an unobservable factor: Do marriage prospects affect college-major choice?
18:00 - 20:00   Dinner