How to commute between the Airport and Taipei City

The main airport in Taipei is Taoyuan International Airport. It is located No.9 Terminal South Road, Dayuan Township. The airport website offers comprehensive transportation information including ticket prices from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei City.



How to commute between the City and the Conference Venue

To the Conference Venue
 Via MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Station: Take the Bannan (Blue) line to the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station (Exit 5) and take bus 205, 276, 306, 620, or 645. Get off at station Academia Sinica.

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From the Conference Venue
 To MRT Nangang Exhibition Center Station: At Academia Sinica, take bus 205, 276, 306, 620, or 645 to MRT Nangang Exhibition Center.


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Public Transportation

By Metro (MRT):
★ The Taipei Mass Rapid (MRT) System
★ MRT Ticket Information
★ MRT Hours: 06:00-24:00

By Bus:
★ Fares: Coin-NT$15 (per section)
★ Bus fares can also be paid with a MRT EasyCard (with a transfer discount for users transferring between metro and bus). 



★ The New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) and banks to exchange foreign currency
★ Exchange rate


Tipping and Tax

Sales tax is included in the listed price in Taipei City.
Tipping is not customary in Taipei, but some hotels and restaurants automatically add a 10% service fee to the bill.
Note: It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers.

★ VAT Refund Guidlines (Taipei National Tax Administration, Ministry of Finance)
★ Directory of Tax Refund Shopping (TRS) Stores