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Working Papers

12-A0162012-12-012012-12-01Estimation and Inference for Distribution Functions and Quantile Functions in Treatment Effect ModelsStephen G. Donald, Yu-Chin Hsu, Dec. 2012
12-A0152013-05-302012-12-01Improving the Power of Tests of Stochastic DominanceStephen G. Donald, Yu-Chin Hsu, Dec. 2012
12-A0142012-12-012012-12-01A Two-sector Model of Endogenous Growth with Leisure ExternalitiesCostas Azariadis, Been-Lon Chen, Chia-Hui Lu, Yin-Chi Wang, Dec. 2012
12-A0132012-11-012012-11-01Semi-parametric Estimation of Program Impacts on Dispersion of Potential WagesStacey H. Chen, Shakeeb Khan, Nov. 2012
12-A0122012-10-012012-10-01Analyses of Public Sector Wage Premiums in TaiwanFeng-Fuh Jiang, Oct. 2012
12-A0112012-10-012012-10-01市場經濟一紙單程車票 : 需求面模型林忠正, Oct. 2012
12-A0102012-10-012012-10-01為何店門前顧客排隊的餐廳不漲價?林忠正, Oct. 2012
12-A0092012-10-012012-10-01「京華風雲」-開幕促銷林忠正, Oct. 2012
12-A0082012-09-012012-09-01初探總額預算下同儕制約精神對醫療衡量行為的影響林忠正, Sep. 2012
12-A0072012-09-042012-09-01為什麼您不補習很難? 專業化與市場化的補習勞務林忠正, Sep. 2012
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