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Working Papers

13-A0082013-08-012013-08-01Welfare Implications and Equilibrium Indeterminacy in a Two-sector Growth Model with Consumption ExternalitiesBeen-Lon Chen, Yu-Shan Hsu and Kazuo Mino, Aug. 2013
13-A0072013-08-012013-08-01A Macroeconomic Model of Imperfect Competition with Patent LicensingHui-ting Hsieh, Ching-chong Lai, Aug. 2013
13-A0062013-12-202013-07-26Emergence of Asymmetric Solutions in the Abatement GameYukihiro Nishimura, July 2013
13-A0052013-05-012013-05-01Optimal Capital Taxation in A Neoclassical Growth ModelChia-Hui Lu, Been-Lon Chen, May 2013
13-A0042015-12-042013-05-01Model-selection Tests for Conditional Moment Restriction ModelsYu-Chin Hsu, Xiaoxia Shi, December 2015
13-A0032015-09-012013-04-01Consistent Tests for Conditional Treatment EffectsYu-Chin Hsu, Sep. 2015
13-A0022013-12-042013-04-01A Post-Truncation Parameterization of Truncated Normal Technical InefficiencyChristine Amsler, Peter Schmidt, Wen-Jen Tsay, Apr. 2013
13-A0012013-11-152013-01-01A Generalized Stepwise Procedure with Improved Power for Multiple Inequalities TestingYu-Chin Hsu, Chung-Ming Kuan, Meng-Feng Yen, Jan. 2013
12-A0182012-12-012012-12-01Optimal Factor Tax Incidence in Two-sector Human Capital-based ModelsBeen-Lon Chen, Chia-Hui Lu, Dec. 2012
12-A0172014-01-162012-12-01Testing the Unconfoundedness Assumption via Inverse Probability Weighted Estimators of (L)ATTStephen G. Donald, Yu-Chin Hsu, Robert P. Lieli, Dec. 2012
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