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Working Papers

16-A0072016-06-142016-06-14The Null Distribution of the Empirical AUC for Classiers with Estimated Parameters: a Special CaseRobert P. Lieli, Yu-Chin Hsu, June 2016
16-A0062016-06-202016-06-03Can Investing in Hedge Funds Improve Efficiency for Economically Important Investors?Yu-Chin Hsu, Rachel J. Huang, Larry Y. Tzeng, Christine W. Wang, June 2016
16-A0052016-04-262016-04-26Testing for Treatment Effect Heterogeneity in Regression Discontinuity DesignYu-Chin Hsu, Shu Shen, Apr. 2016
16-A0042016-11-012016-04-12Competitive Dominance of Emission Trading Over Pigouvian Taxation in a Globalized EconomySeung-Gyu Sim, Hsuan-Chih Lin, Oct. 2016
16-A0032016-11-012016-03-28Optimal Disability Insurance and Unemployment Insurance With Cyclical FluctuationsHsuan-Chih (Luke) Lin, Oct. 2016
16-A0022016-03-242016-03-24Model Selection and Model Averaging in Nonparametric Instrumental Variables ModelsChu-An Liu and Jing Tao, Mar. 2016
16-A0012016-02-152016-02-15A Weibull Analysis of the Current Job Tenure in Taiwan with both Accelerated Failure-Time and Proportional Hazards Matrics Feng-fuh Jiang, Feb. 2016
15-A0032015-08-052015-08-05Estimation and Inference for Distribution Functions and Quantile Functions in Endogenous Treatment Effect ModelsYu-Chin Hsu, Robert P. Lieli, Tsung-Chih Lai, Aug. 2015
15-A0022015-06-292015-04-07Consistent Tests for Poverty Dominance RelationsGarry F. Barrett, Stephen G. Donald, Yu-Chin Hsu, June 2015
15-A0012016-04-262015-03-20Distribution and Quantile Structural Functions in Treatment Effect Models: Application to Smoking Effects on WagesYu-Chin Hsu, Kamhon Kan, Tsung-Chih Lai, Oct. 2015
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