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Working Papers

17-A0012017-01-092017-01-09Analyzing the Performance of Multi-Factor Investment Strategies under Multiple Testing FrameworkYu-Chin Hsu, Hsiou-Wei Lin, Kendro Vincent, Jan. 2017
16-A0162016-12-162016-12-16Focused Information Criterion and Model Averaging for Large Panels with a Multifactor Error StructureShou-Yung Yin, Chu-An Liu, Chang-Ching Lin, Dec. 2016
16-A0152016-11-282016-11-28Trade Creation, Home-Market Effects under Regional Economic IntegrationYo-Yi Huang, Deng-Shing Huang, Ching-lung Tsay, Nov. 2016
16-A0142016-12-262016-10-31Statistical Discrimination, Occupational Sorting, and Career OpportunitiesHsuan-Chih (Luke) Lin, Atsuko Tanaka, Oct. 2016
16-A0132016-10-132016-10-13The Effect of Workplace Pensions on Household Saving : Evidence from a Natural Experiment in TaiwanTzu-Ting Yang, Oct. 2016
16-A0122016-10-132016-10-13Family Labor Supply and the Timing of Cash Transfers : Evidence from the Earned Income Tax CreditTzu-Ting Yang, Oct. 2016
16-A0112016-10-132016-10-13Patient Cost Sharing and Healthcare Utilization in Early Childhood : Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity DesignHsing-Wen Han, Hsing-Wen Han, Tzu-Ting Yang, Oct. 2016
16-A0102016-09-062016-09-06Multiplier Bootstrap for Empirical ProcessesYu-Chin Hsu, Sep. 2016
16-A0092016-07-182016-07-18Testing Generalized Regression MonotonicityYu-Chin Hsu, Chu-An Liu, Xiaoxia Shi, July 2016
16-A0082016-07-052016-07-05Removing Disability Insurance Coverage: The Effects on Work Incentive and Occupation ChoiceAtsuko Tanaka, Ha Nguyen, Hsuan-Chih (Luke) Lin, July 2016
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