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Working Papers

07-A0032007-04-012007-04-01Estimating Long Memory Time-Series-Cross-Section DataWen-Jen Tsay, Apr. 2007
07-A0022007-01-012007-01-01On the Budget-Constrained IRS: Equilibrium and EfficiencyMeng-Yu Liang and C.C. Yang, Jan. 2007
07-A0012007-01-012007-01-01The Labor Market Effects of National Health Insurance : Evidence From TaiwanKamhon Kan and Yen-Ling Lin, Jan. 2007
06-A0152006-12-012006-12-01Reciprocity and Downward Wage RigidityChung-cheng Lin and C.C. Yang, Dec. 2006
06-A0142006-12-012006-12-01The Firm as a Community Explaining Asymmetric Behavior and Downward Rigidity of WagesChung-cheng Lin and C.C. Yang, Dec. 2006
06-A0132006-11-012006-11-01補習是一種社會風俗林忠正,黃璀娟, Nov., 2006
06-A0122006-11-012006-11-01Technological Regimes and Firm Survival:Evidence across Sectors and over TimePei-Chou Lin and Deng-Shing Huang, Nov., 2006
06-A0112006-10-012006-10-01Technology Advantage and Trade :Home Market Effects RevisitedDeng-Shing Huang, Yo-Yi Huang and Cheng-Te Lee, Oct., 2006
06-A0102006-09-012006-09-01Artificial Neural NetworksChung-Ming Kuan, Sep., 2006
06-A0092006-09-012006-09-01Testing Over-Identifying Restrictions without Consistent Estimation of the Asymptotic Covariance MatrixWei-Ming Lee, Chung-Ming Kuan, Sep., 2006
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