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Working Papers

08-A0022008-12-012008-12-01The GMM Estimation with Long Difference and Multiple Difference OperatorsBiing-Shen Kuo, Wen-Jen Tsay, Dec. 2008
08-A0012008-10-012008-10-01The Long Memory Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model and Its Application on Congressional ApprovalWen-Jen Tsay, Oct. 2008
07-A0112007-12-012007-12-01Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Stationary Multivariate ARFIMA ProcessWen-Jen Tsay, Dec. 2007
07-A0102007-11-012007-11-01Status and Multiple Growth RegimesBeen-Lon Chen , Mei Hsu and Chia-Hui Lu, Nov. 2007
07-A0092007-10-012007-10-01Estimating Markov-Switching ARMA Models with Extended Algorithms of HamiltonChao-Chun Chen and Wen-Jen Tsay, Oct. 2007
07-A0082007-09-012007-09-01產品異質性下之市場規模與廠商的群聚鮑世亨,黃登興, Sept. 2007
07-A0072007-06-012007-06-01Inflation and Growth: Impatience and a Qualitative EquivalenceBeen-Lou Chen, Mei Hsu and Chia-Hui Lu, June 2007
07-A0062007-06-012007-06-01Causality in Quantiles and Dynamic Stock Return-Volume RelationsChia-Chang Chuang, Chung-Ming Kuan and Hsin-yi Lin, June 2007
07-A0052007-05-012007-05-01Do Capital Income Tax Cuts Trickle Down?Shu-Chun Susan Yang, May 2007
07-A0042007-04-012007-04-01The Fertility of Second-Generation Political Immigrants in TaiwanWen-Jen Tsay, Apr. 2007
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