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Working Papers

09-A0102009-12-242009-10-01Innovation-Specific Patent ProtectionAngus C. Chu, Guido Cozzi, Silvia Galli, Oct. 2009
09-A0092009-08-012009-08-01Monitoring Structural Changes in Regression with Long Memory ProcessesWen-Jen Tsay, Aug. 2009
09-A0082009-11-012009-07-01On the Growth and Welfare Effects of Defense R&DAngus C. Chu and Ching-Chong Lai, July 2009
09-A0072009-06-012009-06-01Macroeconomic Effects of Intellectual Property Rights: A SurveyAngus C. Chu, June 2009
09-A0062009-06-012009-06-01International Intellectual Property Rights: Effects on Growth, Welfare and Income InequalityAngus C. Chu, Shin-Kun Peng, June 2009
09-A0052009-05-012009-05-01The Effects of Employment Protection on Labor Turnover : Empirical Evidence from TaiwanKamhon Kan, Yen-Ling Lin, May 2009
09-A0042009-04-012009-04-01Trade and Labor Market Integration with Heterogeneous LaborCheng-Te Lee, Deng-Shing Huang, Apr. 2009
09-A0032009-03-012009-03-01Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Censored Stochastic Frontier Models: An Application to the Three-StWen-Jen Tsay, Cliff J. Huang, Tsu-Tan Fu, I-Lin Ho, Mar. 2009
09-A0022009-03-012009-03-01誰會是高失業機率與低工資率的相對弱勢者?江豐富, Mar. 2009
09-A0012009-08-012009-01-01Effects of Patent Length on R&D: A Quantitative DGE AnalysisAngus C. Chu, Jan. 2009
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