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Working Papers

11-A0022011-03-012011-03-01Multinational Corporations, FDI and the East Asian Economic IntegrationTzu-Han Yang, Deng-Shing Huang, Mar. 2011
11-A0012011-03-012011-03-01Forecasting Commodity Prices with Mixed-Frequency Data: An OLS-Based Generalized ADL ApproachYu-chin Chen and Wen-Jen Tsay, Mar. 2011
10-A0072012-01-052010-12-01A Simple Analytic Approximation Approach for Estimating the True Random Effects and True Fixed Effects Stochastic Frontier ModelsPeng-Hsuan Ke and Wen-Jen Tsay, Dec. 2010
10-A0062010-10-012010-10-01A Tale of Two Growth Engines: The Interactive Effects of Monetary Angus C. Chu, Ching-Chong Lai, Chih-Hsing Liao, Oct. 2010
10-A0052010-09-012010-09-01Endogenous Time Preference in Monetary Growth ModelBeen-Lon Chen, Yu-Shan Hsu, Chia-Hui Lu, Sep. 2010
10-A0042010-04-012010-04-01Multiproduct Duopoly with Vertical DifferentiationYi-Ling Cheng , Shin-Kun Peng, Takatoshi Tabuchi, Apr. 2010
10-A0032010-03-012010-03-01Money and the Welfare Cost of Inflation in an R&D-Growth ModelAngus C. Chu and Ching-Chong Lai, Mar. 2010
10-A0022010-02-012010-02-01A Note on R&D Spillovers, Multiple Equilibria and IndeterminacyBeen-Lon Chen and Angus C. Chu, Feb. 2010
10-A0012010-01-012010-01-01A Computationally Efficient Analytic Procedure for the Random Effects Probit ModelPeng-Hsuan Ke and Wen-Jen Tsay, Jan. 2010
09-A0112011-11-222009-11-01A Simple Approximation for Bivariate Normal Integral Based on Error Function and its Application on Probit Model with Binary Endogenous RegressorWen-Jen Tsay and Peng-Hsuan Ke, Nov. 2009
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