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Working Papers

20-A0022020-08-052020-08-05Behavioral Strong ImplementationT Hayashi, R Jain, V Korpela, M Lombardi, Aug. 2020
20-A0012020-06-222020-06-22A Systematic Test of the Independence Axiom Near CertaintyRitesh Jain, Kirby Nielsen, June 2020
19-A0052019-11-152019-11-15Trade, Emissions, and Regulatory (Non-)Compliance: Implications of Firm HeterogeneityJuin-Jen Chang, Yi-Ling Cheng, Shin-Kun Peng, Nov. 2019
19-A0042019-09-252019-09-25Optimal Capital Income Taxes in the infinite horizon model with Progressive Income TaxesBeen-Lon Chen, Chih-Fang Lai, Aug. 2018
19-A0032019-09-182019-09-18Does a Second-Hand Market Limit a Durable Goods Monopolist’s Market Power?Meng-Yu Liang, Sep. 2019
19-A0022019-06-172019-06-17Rationalizable Implementation of Social Choice CorrespondencesRitesh Jain, June 2019
19-A0012019-04-152019-04-15Virtual implementation by bounded mechanisms: Complete informationRitesh Jain and Michele Lombardi, Apr. 2019
18-A0092018-12-312018-12-31Costly Self-Control and Limited WillpowerSimon Grant, Meng-Yu Liang, Sung-Lin Hsieh, Dec. 2018
18-A0082018-12-312018-12-31On the Information Contents of Indirect Citations Kim-Sau Chung, Meng-Yu Liang, Melody Lom, Dec. 2018
18-A0072018-08-222018-08-22On the Determinant of Trading Hub in East and Southeast Asia: Theory and Empirical EvidenceDeng-Shing Huang, Yo-Yi Huang, Ching-lung Tsay, Aug. 2018
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