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Adjunct Research Fellows

Namecurriculum vitaeExt/E-mail
Fu, Tsu-Tan
Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, University of Georgia (1987) 
Research Fields: Agricultural and Resource Economics, Econometrics, Consumer Behavior and Health Economics, Productivity and Efficiency Analysis,Economics of Higher Education
Liang, Chi-Yuan
Ph.D. in Economics, National Taiwan University (1979)
Research Fields: Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, Productivity Analysis, Economic Modelling and Forecast
Lo, Joan C.

Ph.D. in Economics, State University of New York at Albany (1980)

jlo at econ.sinica.edu.tw
Wu, Chung-Shu
Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University (1984)
Research Fields: Monetary Theory and Policy, International Finance, Economic Forecast