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Adjunct Research Fellows

Namecurriculum vitaeExt/E-mail
Chou, Ray-Yeutien

Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, San Diego (1988)
Research Fields: Econometrics, Financial Markets, Time Series Analysis

rchou at econ.sinica.edu.tw
Huang, Deng-Shing

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Rochester (1988)
Research Fields: International Trade and Development, Ecological Economics, Industrial Organization, Economic Integration, East Asian Studies

dhuang at econ.sinica.edu.tw
Liang, Chi-Yuan
Ph.D. in Economics, National Taiwan University (1979)
Research Fields: Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, Productivity Analysis, Economic Modelling and Forecast
Lin, Chang-Ching

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Michigan (2006)   
Research Field: Econometrics, Law and Economics

ever at mail.ncku.edu.tw
Lo, Joan C.

Ph.D. in Economics, State University of New York at Albany (1980)

jlo at econ.sinica.edu.tw
Shaw, Daigee

Ph.D. in Resource Policy, Economics and Management, University of Michigan, 1985 
Research Fields:Environmental and Resource Economics

dshaw at sinica.edu.tw
Wu, Chung-Shu
Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University (1984)
Research Fields: Monetary Theory and Policy, International Finance, Economic Forecast

cwu at tabf.org.tw