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Volumes and Issues

Volume 38,No.1 (Mar. 2010)

Volume 38,No.1 (Mar. 2010)

Date of Publication:2010-3

The Relation between Inflation and Trade Openness: The Application of Panel Data Quantile Regression (in Chinese)

頁碼:32Abstract(En)(Count:46964)PDF downlaod(Count:42528)
Hsin-Yi Lin and Pei-Yu Chen

Assessing Monetary Policy in Taiwan (in Chinese)

頁碼:27Abstract(En)(Count:51753)PDF downlaod(Count:42065)
Shiu-Sheng Chen and Tsong-Min Wu

The Optimal Privatization Policy in the Presence of Environmental Damage (in Chinese

頁碼:24Abstract(En)(Count:49744)PDF downlaod(Count:37980)
Chia-Chi Wang and Jiunn-Rong Chiou

Time Allocation and Health Expenditure with Green Tax Reform (in Chinese)

頁碼:34Abstract(En)(Count:48914)PDF downlaod(Count:38756)
Wang-Ling Chou and Chung-Huang Huang