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Volumes and Issues

Volume 29,No.3 (Sep. 2001)

Volume 29,No.3 (Sep. 2001)

Date of Publication:2001-9

Examining Taiwan's Business Cycle via Two-Period MS Models (in Chinese)

頁碼:23Abstract(En)(Count:47788)PDF downlaod(Count:43325)
Hsiu-Hua Rau, Hsiou-Wei William Lin, and Ming-Yuan Leon Li

Distinguishing between Trend- and Difference-Stationarity under Multiple Breaks–A Re-examination of Taiwan's Macroeconomic Data (in Chinese)

頁碼:19Abstract(En)(Count:52635)PDF downlaod(Count:42807)
Chih-Chiang Hsu

Stochastic or Deterministic Trends? A Re-examination of Taiwan's GNP (in Chinese)

頁碼:24Abstract(En)(Count:50607)PDF downlaod(Count:38672)
Cheng-Feng Lee and Tzu-Ping Ho

A Note on Ramsey Pricing–Do Ramsey Prices Exceed Marginal Costs?

頁碼:17Abstract(En)(Count:49767)PDF downlaod(Count:39483)
Ming Chung Chang and To-Han Chang