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Volumes and Issues

Volume 47,No.3 (Sep. 2019)

Volume 47,No.3 (Sep. 2019)

Date of Publication:2019-9

Liquidity Shocks, Bank Risks, and Credit Market Competition (in Chinese)

頁碼:56Abstract(En)(Count:9222)PDF downlaod(Count:8648)
Ping-Lun Tseng and Wen-Chung Guo

A Random Walk Down Random Forest: Ensemble-Learning-Assisted Trading Strategies for TAIEX Futures (in Chinese)

頁碼:54Abstract(En)(Count:10115)PDF downlaod(Count:8366)
Jen-Chieh Cheng and Mi-Hsiu Chiang

Call Auction Frequency and Market Quality: Active versus Inactive Stocks

頁碼:36Abstract(En)(Count:9950)PDF downlaod(Count:7770)
Shu-Hui Chan and Yu-Chuan Huang

The Effect of Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance on Corporate Tax Avoidance (in Chinese)

頁碼:40Abstract(En)(Count:9826)PDF downlaod(Count:7866)
Jan-Zan Lee and Li-Fen Tang