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Volumes and Issues

Volume 36,No.2 (Jun. 2008)

Volume 36,No.2 (Jun. 2008)

Date of Publication:2008-6

Guest Editors' Introduction (in Chinese)

頁碼:3PDF downlaod(Count:40972)
Tsu-Tan Fu and Hung-Jen Wang

Estimation of Cost vs. Profit Systems with and without Technical Inefficiency

頁碼:22Abstract(En)(Count:49849)PDF downlaod(Count:40630)
Subal C. Kumbhakar and Efthymios G. Tsionas

A Semiparametric Approach to the Estimation of the Stochastic Frontier Model with Time-Variant Technical Efficiency

頁碼:27Abstract(En)(Count:47984)PDF downlaod(Count:36612)
Wen-Shuenn Deng and Tai-Hsin Huang

A Risk Analysis of Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance: An Application of Malmquist Productivity Index (in Chinese)

頁碼:26Abstract(En)(Count:47210)PDF downlaod(Count:37427)
Hsueh-Ping Wang, Tsung-Min Hsieh, Ching-Cheng Chang, Yir-Hueih Luh, and Shih-Hsun Hsu

Estimating Cost Efficiency in Taiwanese Banking Adjusting Loan Loss Provision (in Chinese)

頁碼:27Abstract(En)(Count:11890)PDF downlaod(Count:11577)
Chung-Hua Shen and Ting-Hsuan Chen