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Volumes and Issues

Volume 33,No.2 (Jun. 2005)

Volume 33,No.2 (Jun. 2005)

Date of Publication:2005-6

On Persumptive Tax (in Chinese)

頁碼:31Abstract(En)(Count:46042)PDF downlaod(Count:41617)
K. L. Glen Ueng

Currency Substitution, Trade Elasticities, and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics (in Chinese)

頁碼:28Abstract(En)(Count:50735)PDF downlaod(Count:41229)
Tien-Wang Tsaur and Chun-Chieh Huang

Allocation of Distribution Tax and Net Tax Burdens of Local Residents: Effects and Allocation Rates Assessment (in Chinese)

頁碼:39Abstract(En)(Count:48738)PDF downlaod(Count:37185)
Steven Zongshin Liu and Kung-Cheng Lin

Explaining the Fiscal Theory of Price Level Determination and Its Empirical Plausibility for Taiwan

頁碼:37Abstract(En)(Count:47942)PDF downlaod(Count:37978)
Tai-Kuang Ho