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Public Policy Workshop

AI and Economy Forum

AI and Economy Forum

The 2019 Macroeconometric Modelling Workshop (MMW) was held on 5-6 December, 2019, and a forum titled “AI and Economy” was held in the first day’s afternoon. The forum was chaired by Academician Ruey S. Tsay. Professor Ting-Peng Liang from National Sun Yat-sen University had served as the moderator, who brought out the topic of “Artificial Intelligence and Smart Commerce”. Professor Hsien-Ming Lien from NCCU, Dr. Victor Tsan from MIC, Distinguished Research Fellow Mark Liao from Academia Sinica IIS, and Dean of College of Management Ben-Chang Shia from TMU were invited as the panelists. During the forum the moderator and panelists had shared their rich research experiences with all attendees, and sparked some thoughtful discussions regarding to AI-related issues.

Agenda (in Chinese)