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Recent Publications

2012 Catalog

Chang, C-C, Mendy, M, 2012, “Economic Growth and Openness in Africa: What Is the Empirical Relationship”, APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS, 19 (18), 1903-1907. (SSCI) (IF: 0.226; SSCI ranking: 88.8%)
Chang, C-C, Chen, C-C, McCarl, B-A, 2012, “Evaluating the Economic Impacts of Crop Yield Change and Sea Level Rise Induced by Climate Change on Taiwan's Agricultural Sector”, AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS, 43(2), 205-214. (SCI, SSCI) (IF: 0.769; SCI ranking: 53.3%; SSCI ranking: 51.1%)
Chen, P-C, Chang, C-C, Yu, M-M, Hsu, S-H, 2012, “Performance Measurement for Incineration Plants Using Multi-activity Network Data Envelopment Analysis: The Case of Taiwan”, JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, 93(1), 95-103. (SCI) (IF: 3.245; SCI ranking: 14.6%)
Chen, C-C, McCarl, B, Chang, C-C, 2012, “Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and Rice: Global Market Implications”, CLIMATIC CHANGE, 110(3-4), 543-560. (SCI) (IF: 3.385; SCI ranking: 13.7%, 16.9%)
陳宜廷、 簡錦漢、張靜貞、蔡文禎、 林常青、 陳香如、周雨田,2012,〈台灣經濟最近情勢〉,《台灣經濟預測與政策》,第43卷第1期,頁195-222。(TSSCI)
Chang, C-C, 2012, “Food Security: The Taiwan Perspectives”, editor(s): Liu, K-C, Prospects and Perspectives 2011, pp. 51-56, Taipei: Prospect Foundation.
Chang, J-J, Chen, J-H, Shieh, J-Y, 2012, “Consumption Externalities, Market Imperfections, and Optimal Taxation”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY, 8(4), 345-359. (SSCI) (IF: 0.383; SSCI ranking: 75.7%)
Chang, J-J, Guo, J-T, 2012, “First-Best Fiscal Policy with Social Status”, JAPANESE ECONOMIC REVIEW, 63(4), 546-556. (SSCI) (IF: 0.266; SSCI ranking: 85.7%)
Chen, B-L, Huang, C-C, Wang, P, 2012, “Locational Stratification by Environment”, JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMIC THEORY, 14(5), 711-735.
Chen, B-L, Lee, S-F, 2012, “Intersectoral Spillovers, Relative Prices and Development”, REVIEW OF DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, 16(2), 243-261. (SSCI) (IF: 0.689; SSCI ranking: 54.2%, 68.5%)
Chen, B-L, Mo, J-P, Wang, P, 2012, “Two-Sided Micro-Matching with Technical Progress”, ECONOMIC THEORY, 50(2), 445-462. (SSCI) (IF: 0.663; SSCI ranking: 56.1%)
Chen, C-H, 2012, “Name Your Own Price at Priceline.com: Strategic Bidding and Lockout Periods”, REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STUDIES, 79(4), 1341-1369.
Chen, C-H, 2012, “Type Composition, Career Concerns, and Signaling Efforts”, THEORY AND DECISION, 73(3), 401-422. (SSCI) (IF: 0.484; SSCI ranking: 68.2%, 73.3%)
陳宜廷、 簡錦漢、張靜貞、蔡文禎、 林常青、 陳香如、周雨田,2012,〈台灣經濟最近情勢〉,《台灣經濟預測與政策》,第43卷第1期,頁195-222。(TSSCI)
Chen, Y-T, 2012, “A Simple Approach to Standardized-Residuals-based Higher-Moment Tests”, JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL FINANCE, 19(4), 427-453. (SSCI) (IF: 0.842; SSCI ranking: 50%, 46.4%)
Chen, Y-T, Wang, H-J, 2012, “Centered-Residuals-Based Moment Estimator and Test for Stochastic Frontier Models”, ECONOMETRIC REVIEWS, 31(6), 625-633. (SCI, SSCI) (IF: 0.78; SCI ranking: 54.3%, 52.6%; SSCI ranking: 49.8%, 60%)
陳宜廷、 簡錦漢、張靜貞、蔡文禎、 林常青、 陳香如、周雨田,2012,〈台灣經濟最近情勢〉,《台灣經濟預測與政策》,第43卷第1期,頁195-222。(TSSCI)
陳宜廷、簡錦漢、張靜貞、梁啟源、蔡文禎、林常青、周雨田,2012,〈台灣經濟最近情勢〉,《台灣經濟預測與政策》,第42卷第2期,頁157-179. (TSSCI)
Chen, Y-T, Kuan, C-M, 2012, “Optimal Robust Conditional Moment Tests: An Estimating Function Approach”, editor(s): Chen, X, Swanson, N-R, Causality, Prediction, and Specification Analysis: Recent Advances and Future Directions-Essays in Honour of Halbert L. White Jr., pp. 57-96, USA: Springer.
Chang, T-P Hu, J-L, Chou, R-Y, Sun, L, 2012, “The Sources of Bank Productivity Growth in China during 2002-2009: A Disaggregation View”, JOURNAL OF BANKING & FINANCE, 36(7), 1997-2006. (SSCI) (IF: 2.6; SSCI ranking: 7%, 7.2%)
Chou, R-Y, Wu, C-C, Yang, Y-N, 2012, “The Euro's Impacts on the Smooth Transition Dynamics of Stock Market Volatilities”, QUANTITATIV FINANCE, 12(2), 169-179. (SCI, SSCI) (IF: 0.735; SCI ranking: 62%; SSCI ranking: 53.5%, 52.3%, 62.2%)
Chu, C-Y-C, Lee, R, 2012, “Sexual Dimorphism and Sexual Selection: A Unified Economic Analysis”, THEORETICAL POPULATION BIOLOGY, 82(4), SI355-363. (SCI) (IF: 1.65; SCI ranking: 57.5%, 71.1%, 73.4%)
Lee, R, Chu, C-Y-C, 2012, “The Evolution of Transfers and Life Histories”, EXPERIMENTAL GERONTOLOGY, 47(10), 803-806. (SCI) (IF: 3.741; SCI ranking: 17.8%)
Hsieh, C-R, Liu, Y-M, 2012, “Availability, Healthcare Costs and Utilization Patterns of Biologics in Taiwan”, VALUE IN HEALTH, 15(1), S35-S42. (SCI, SSCI) (IF: 2.191; SCI ranking: 32.9%; SSCI ranking: 10%, 21%)
Liu, Y-M, Hsieh, C-R, 2012, “New Drugs and the Growth of Health Expenditure: Evidence from Diabetic Patients in Taiwan”, HEALTH ECONOMICS, 21(5), 496-513. (SCI, SSCI) (IF: 2.123; SCI ranking: 35.5%; SSCI ranking: 11.2%, 25.8%)
Liu, Y-M, Yang, Y-H-K, Hsieh, C-R, 2012, “Regulation and Competition in the Taiwanese Pharmaceutical Market under National Health Insurance.”, JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS, 31(3), 471-483. (SCI, SSCI) (IF: 2.341; SCI ranking: 26.3%; SSCI ranking: 9%, 17.7%)
Sloan, F-A, Hsieh, C-R, 2012, Health Economics, 848 pages, Cambridge: MIT Press.
Donald, S-G, Hsu, Y-C, Barrett, G-F, 2012, “Incorporating Covariates in the Measurement of Welfare and Inequality: Methods and Applications”, THE ECONOMETRICS JOURNAL, 15(1), C1-30.
Haslag, J-H, Hsu, Y-C, 2012, “Cyclical Co-Movement between Output, the Price Level, and Inflation”, editor(s): Dek Terrell, D, Daniel Millimet, Advances in Econometrics, pp. 359-384, USA: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
Jung, H-M, 2012, “Ability-based Cooperation in a Prisoner’s Dilemma Game”, KOREAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, 28(2), 137-160.
Jung, H-M, Burki, A-A, Khan, M-A, 2012, “A Small Model of the Dairy Products Supply”, ECONOMICS BULLETIN, 32(4), 3213-3223.
Kan, K, Lee, M-J, 2012, “Lose Weight for A Raise Only if Over-Weight: Marginal Integration for Semi-Linear Panel Models”, JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECONOMETRICS, 27(4), 666-685. (SSCI) (IF: 1.758; SSCI ranking: 15%, 20%)
Koo, H-W, Huang, C-Y, Kan, K, 2012, “Interlinked Contracts: An Empirical Study”, ECONOMICA, 79(134), 350-377. (SSCI) (IF: 1.152; SSCI ranking: 30.8%)
陳宜廷、 簡錦漢、張靜貞、蔡文禎、 林常青、 陳香如、周雨田,2012,〈台灣經濟最近情勢〉,《台灣經濟預測與政策》,第43卷第1期,頁195-222。(TSSCI)
Kan, K, Wang, Y, 2012, “The Development Patterns of India and China: A Perspective with the CES Production Function”, editor(s): Ghate, C, Oxford Handbook of the Indian Economy, pp. DOI:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199734580.013.0030,  New York: Oxford University.
Chang, C-W, Lai, C-C, 2012, “Markups and the Number of Firms in a Simple Model of Imperfect Competition”, ECONOMIC LETTERS, 116(3), 277-280. (SSCI) (IF: 0.447; SSCI ranking: 70.7%)
Chin, C-T, Guo, J-T, Lai, C-C, 2012, “A Note on Indeterminacy and Investment Adjustment Costs in an Endogenously Growing Small Open Economy”, MACROECONOMIC DYNAMICS, 16(3), 438-450. (SSCI) (IF: 0.452; SSCI ranking: 70.4%)
Chao, C-C, Hu, S-W, Lai, C-C, Tai, M-Y, 2012, “Foreign Aid, Government Spending, and the Environment”, REVIEW OF DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, 16(1), 62-71. (SSCI) (IF: 0.689; SSCI ranking: 54.2%, 68.5%)
Chu, A-C, Lai, C-C, 2012, “On the Growth and Welfare Effects of Defense R&D”, JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMIC THEORY, 14(3), 473-490. (SSCI) (IF: 0.372; SSCI ranking: 76.9%)
Lai, C-C, Fang, C-R, 2012, “Is the Honeymoon Effect in the Presence of Both Exchange Rate and Output Expectation”, International Review of Economics & Finance, 21(1)140-146. (SSCI) (IF: 0.927; SSCI ranking: 45.3%, 42.7%)
Lai, C-C, Liao, C-H, 2012, “Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxation with Productive Government Expenditure”, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE, 22(1), 66-77. (SSCI) (IF: 0.927; SSCI ranking: 45.3%, 42.7%)
Chen, Y-C, Lin, C-C, 2012, “Information Shocks and Cigarette Addiction: Views from Dynamic Panels with Common Structural Changes”, APPLIED ECONOMICS, 44(35), 4651-4660. (SSCI) (IF: 0.459; SSCI ranking: 69.5%)
Lin, C-C, Ng, S, 2012, “Estimation of Panel Data Models with Parameter Heterogeneity when Group Membership Is Unknown”, JOURNAL OF ECONOMETRIC METHODS, 1(1), 42-55.
Lin, C-C, Sakata, S, 2012, “On Long-Run Covariance Matrix Estimation with the Truncated Flat Kernel”, editor(s): Chen, X, Swanson, N-R, Causality, Prediction, and Specification Analysis: Recent Advances and Future Directions-Essays in Honour of Halbert L. White Jr., pp. 383-410, USA: Springer.
Cheng, Y-L, Peng, S-K, 2012, “Quality and Quantity Competition in a Multiproduct Duopoly”, SOUTHERN ECONOMIC JOURNAL, 79(1), 180-202. (SSCI) (IF: 0.633; SSCI ranking: 57.6%)
u, C-H, Peng, S-K, Wang, P, 2012, “The Organization of Production and Trade”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY, 8(2), SI, 179-195. (SSCI) (IF: 0.383; SSCI ranking: 75.7%)
Lin, H-C, Kuo, Y-L, Shaw, D, Chang, M-C, Kao, T-M, 2012, “Regional Economic Impact Analysis of Earthquakes in Northern Taiwan and its Implications for Disaster Reduction Policies”, NATURAL HAZARDS, 61(2), 603-620. (SCI) (IF: 1.529; SCI ranking: 43.5%, 59.2%, 34.6%)
Tsay, W-J, 2012, “Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Structural VARFIMA Model”, ELECTORAL STUDIES, 31(4), 852-860. (SSCI) (IF: 0.714; SSCI ranking: 40.9%)
陳宜廷、 簡錦漢、張靜貞、蔡文禎、 林常青、 陳香如、周雨田,2012,〈台灣經濟最近情勢〉,《台灣經濟預測與政策》,第43卷第1期,頁195-222。(TSSCI)
Tung, A-C, Wan, H, 2012, “Contract Manufacturing in Late Industrialization”, SINGAPORE ECONOMIC REVIEW, 57(4), 1-15. (SSCI) (IF: 0.139; SSCI ranking: 94.1%)
Hiro, O, Mason, A, Lee, S-H, Tung, A-C, Lai, N-M-S, Matsukura, R, 2012, “Population Aging, Economic Growth, and Intergenerational Transfers in Japan: How Dire Are the Prospects”, editor(s): Park, D, Lee, S-H, Mason, A, Demographic Transition and Economic Growth in Asia, pp. 231-276, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
Chu, A-C, Yang, C-C, 2012, “Fiscal Centralization versus Decentralization: Growth and Welfare Effects of Spillovers, Leviathan Taxation, and Capital Mobility”, JOURNAL OF URBAN ECONOMICS, 71(1), 177-188. (SSCI) (IF: 1.892; SSCI ranking: 13.1%, 8.1%)
Ihori, T, Yang, C-C, 2012, “Laffer Paradox, Leviathan, and Political Contest”, PUBLIC CHOICE, 151(1-2), 137-148. (SSCI) (IF: 0.913; SSCI ranking: 43.6%, 31.5%)
Teo, W-L, Yang, C-C, 2012, “Ramsey Taxes Meet Price Rigidity”, PACIFIC ECONOMIC REVIEW, 17(2), 231-256. (SSCI) (IF: 0.56; SSCI ranking: 62.3%)
Wu, T-C-M, Yang, C-C, 2012, “The Welfare Effect of Income Tax Deductions for Losses as Insurance: Insured- versus Insured-Sided Adverse Selection”, ECONOMIC MODELLING, 29, 2641-2645. (SSCI) (IF: 0.701; SSCI ranking: 53.6%)
Yang, C-C, 2012, “An Introduction to Public Choice”, JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT, 8(2), 153-189.
Chun, Y, Hu, C-C, Yeh, C-H, 2012, “Characterizations of the Sequential Equal Contributions Rule for the Airport Problem”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY, 8(1), 77-85. (SSCI) (IF: 0.383; SSCI ranking: 75.7%)
Hwang, Y-A, Yeh, C-H, 2012, “A Characterization of the Nucleolus without Homogeneity in Airport Problems”, SOCIAL CHOICE AND WELFARE, 38(2), 355-364. (SSCI) (IF: 0.44; SSCI ranking: 71.3%, 75.6%)
Hu, C-C, Tsay, M-H, Yeh, C-H, 2012, “Axiomatic and Strategic Justification for the Constrained Equal Benefits Rule in the Airport Problem”, GAMES AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR, 75(1), 185-197.