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About IEAS

Taken in 2016

The Institute of Economics was officially established on February 1, 1970, after more than seven years' preparation. Dr. Mu-Huan Hsing served as its first Director, followed by Dr. Tzong-Shian Yu, Dr. Paul Ke-Chih Liu, Dr. Yung-San Lee, Dr. Jia-Dong Shea, and Dr. Sheng-Cheng Hu, Dr. Chung-Ming Kuan, Dr. Shin-Kun Peng, Dr. Kamhon Kan; the current director is Dr. Kong-Pin Chen. The institute is the host of thirty faculty members, including five Distinguished Research Fellows, ten Research Fellows, seven Associate Research Fellows, eight Assistant Research Fellows. There are also four Correspondent Research Fellows, one jointly-appointed Research Fellows, and seven Adjunct Research Fellows.

In the early years, the Institute focused its research on domestic issues. Bringing both domestic and international economists together, we undertook a series of research projects based upon economic development in Taiwan, such as "On Current Prices, The Directions and Strategies of Taiwan's Economic Development, Human Resources, Econometric Modeling of the Taiwanese Economy, Income Distribution, The Development of Taiwan's Financial Sector", and so forth. In addition to empirical studies, recently we have also placed emphasis on theoretical research. Moreover, in order to obtain a global perspective and promote interactions with international scholars, we have been organizing international conferences, and sponsoring joint research and exchange programs.

The Institute values the continuing education of its faculty members. This is done through encouraging our researchers to foreign and international research programs, as well as inviting world-renowned international guest speakers and scholars for many collaborative opportunities. We also assist local universities in graduate teaching and thesis supervising. In recent years, the Institute has participated in programs sponsored by Academia Sinica, such as "Academia Sinica Fellowships for Doctoral Candidates in Humanities and Social Sciences," "Postdoctoral Fellows Appointment," and "Visiting Fellowships for Domestic Scholars," and so forth. The institute also hosts the "Workshops on Advanced Economic Research" sponsored by the National Science Council (reorganized and became Ministry of Science and Technology on March 3, 2014). Furthermore, we starts corporation with the Center of East Asian Studies, University of Chicago to hold “Taiwan Economic Research Workshop” during summer since 2015 within the purpose of encouraging collaboration in high quality research among potential Taiwanese economists. To cultivate outstanding economists, we are constantly augmenting our research resources such as library collections, reference databases, and computer equipment.

The Institute launched two journals, Taiwan Economic Forecasts and Policy in 1970 and Academia Economic Papers in 1973 respectively. Taiwan Economic Forecast and Policy is a biannual journal that not only provides economic forecasting figures but also publishes rigorous public policy research and methodologies. It has become an important reference for the academia, the government, and the industries over the years. Academia Economic Papers is a quarterly journal of general interest. It is the first domestic journal to be indexed by the Journal of Economic Literature. The National Science Council rated it "Outstanding Journal" in 1999. Both journals are indexed by the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI).

Devoted to improving the academic performance of domestic economic community, the Institute, in addition to publishing journals and monographs and organizing conferences, also invites internationally renowned economists to sequences of seminars, such as the "Contemporary Master Economists Lecture Series" and the "Chung-Hua Series of Lectures" Besides, we have established rigorous evaluation standards for faculty appointment and promotion, which encourage our researchers to achieve a higher level of scholarly performance. As a result, many of our researchers received honors, such as the "Outstanding Scholar Awards" from the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship, the "Academic Awards" from the Ministry of Education, the "Outstanding Research Awards" from the National Science Council, the "Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Research Investigators", as well as elected “Academician” and “Young Affiliate” of The World Academy of Sciences TWAS.

In the past two decades, we have made great progress in raising our research profile. In the future, while continuing our focus on academic research, we will strengthen ourselves on public policy research. To achieve this, we will combine our expertise in economic theory and empirical methodology with our knowledge in public policies in conducting policy analysis. Our public policy research outputs are to keep the government informed in its long-term planning and policy making. In addition, while pursuing publication in international top journals, we also plan to engage in research that is relevant to Taiwan’s society.