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2020-11-26 (Thu)(Theory webinar) Dynamic Incentives in Incompletely Specified EnvironmentsSpeaker:Professor Gabriel Carroll
2020-11-24 (Tue)(Theory webinar) Correlation in ContestsSpeaker:Professor Juuso Välimäki
2020-11-20 (Fri)(Webinar) Between Lives and Economy: Optimal COVID-19 Containment Policy in Open EconomiesSpeaker:Professor Wen-Tai Hsu
2020-11-17 (Tue)Boomers vs Millennials: Who Owes How Much to Whom?Speaker:Professor An-Chi Tung
2020-11-17 (Tue)(AEW webinar) Digitization: Effects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on the EconomySpeaker:Professor Joel Waldfogel
2020-11-03 (Tue)(webinar) Incentive Constrained Risk Sharing, Segmentation, and Asset PricingSpeaker:Professor Pierre-Olivier Weill
2020-10-30 (Fri)Online Ratings and Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Taiwanese Hotel IndustrySpeaker:Professor Fang-Chang Kuo
2020-10-27 (Tue)(AEW webinar) Team Players: How Social Skills Improve Team PerformanceSpeaker:Professor David Deming
2020-10-13 (Tue)Market Returns and a Tale of Two Types of AttentionSpeaker:Mr. Chih-Ching Hung
2020-09-08 (Tue)Endogenous Riot Networks: The Arab Spring and the Spread of Revolutions through Online Social MediaSpeaker:Professor Chih-Sheng Hsieh
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