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2020-03-17 (Tue)Top-up Design and Health Care Expenditure: Evidence from Cardiac StentsSpeaker:Professor Hsienming Lien
2020-03-10 (Tue)Stakeholder Orientation and Product QualitySpeaker:Professor Po-Hsuan Hsu
2020-02-25 (Tue)Selling Consumer Data for Profit: Optimal Market-Segmentation Design and its ConsequencesSpeaker:Mr. Kai Hao Yang
2020-02-20 (Thu)Robust Inference in First-Price Auctions: Experimental Findings as Identifying RestrictionsSpeaker:Professor Serafin Grundl
2020-02-18 (Tue)Fake ReviewsSpeaker:Professor Helios Herrera
2020-02-11 (Tue)The Effects of Increasing the Eligibility Age for Public Pension on Individual Labor Supply: Evidence from JapanSpeaker:Mr. Nobuhiko Nakazawa
2020-01-21 (Tue)Binary Response Model with Many Weak Instrumental VariablesSpeaker:Ms. Dakyung Seong
2020-01-20 (Mon)Employment Consequences of U.S. Trade WarsSpeaker:Ms. Sanjana Goswami
2020-01-16 (Thu)Macroprudential Policy and Asset LiquiditySpeaker:Mr. Chun-Che Chi
2020-01-15 (Wed)Testing Parental Altruism: A Full Solution to a Dynamic Model of Altruistic TransfersSpeaker:Ms. Yu-Chi Chu
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