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2017-12-19 (Tue)Structural Changes in Heterogeneous Panels with Endogenous RegressorsSpeaker:Professor Qu Feng
2017-12-19 (Tue)Designing Referenda: An Economist's Pessimistic PerspectiveSpeaker:Professor Siyang Xiong
2017-12-22 (Fri)Board Diversity, Board Structures, and Firm Innovation OutcomesSpeaker:Professor Po-Hsuan Hsu
2017-12-22 (Fri)Retirement-consumption Puzzle: A Theory and Evidence from Leisure SpendingSpeaker:Professor Kyoung Jin Choi
2017-12-26 (Tue)Condorcet-winning Public Information in Oligopolistic MarketsSpeaker:Professor Ching-Jen Sun
2017-12-26 (Tue)Nonparametric Quantile Regression for Double Censored Data with Application to Stock Markets with Price limitsSpeaker:Professor Chi-Yang Chu
2018-01-09 (Tue)TBASpeaker:Mr. Yi-Hsuan Lin
2018-01-12 (Fri)TBASpeaker:Professor Bo Chen
2018-02-06 (Tue)TBASpeaker:Professor Yu-Chen Kuo
2018-03-20 (Tue)TBASpeaker:Professor Wai-Hong Ho
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