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2021-09-24 (Fri)(Macro/Finance webinar) The Importance of Beliefs in Shaping Macroeconomic OutcomesSpeaker:Professor Roger Farmer
2021-09-28 (Tue)(Theory webinar) Attention Please!Speaker:Professor Colin Stewart
2021-09-30 (Thu)(AEW webinar) Food vs. Food Stamps: Evidence from an At-Scale Experiment in IndonesiaSpeaker:Professor Benjamin Olken
2021-10-07 (Thu)(Macro/Finance webinar) TBASpeaker:Professor Martin Schneider
2021-10-08 (Fri)(Macro/Finance webinar) TBASpeaker:Professor Jason Roderick Donaldson
2021-10-12 (Tue)(Theory webinar) TBASpeaker:Professor Laura Doval
2021-10-29 (Fri)(Macro/Finance webinar) TBASpeaker:Professor Vincent Glode
2021-11-05 (Fri)(Empirical Seminar) TBASpeaker:Professor Ziho Park
2021-11-11 (Thu)(Macro/Finance webinar) Rise of the Central Bank Digital Currencies: Drivers, Approaches and TechnologiesSpeaker:Dr. Jon Frost
2021-11-25 (Thu)(AEW webinar) Economics of K12Speaker:Professor Brian Jacob
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