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2021-01-18 (Mon)Trade-offs of Occupational Licensing: Understanding the Costs and Potential BenefitsSpeaker:Dr. Bobby (Wing Yin) Chung
2021-01-19 (Tue)Weight-Ranked Divide-and-Conquer ContractsSpeaker:Mr. Lester T. Chan
2021-01-20 (Wed)Unemployment Risk and EntrepreneurshipSpeaker:Mr. Kelvin (Cheuk Yi) Yuen
2021-01-21 (Thu)Optimal Disclosure of Private Information to CompetitorsSpeaker:Ms. Rosina Rodríguez Olivera
2021-01-22 (Fri)Endogenous Learning, Persistent Employer Biases, and DiscriminationSpeaker:Mr. Louis-Pierre Lepage
2021-01-25 (Mon)Mixture-Dependent Preference for CommitmentSpeaker:Mr. Fernando Payro
2021-01-26 (Tue)(AEW webinar) Education and Public PolicySpeaker:Professor Jonathan Guryan
2021-01-26 (Tue)Why Prescribing Antibiotics for Viral Upper Respiratory Tract Infection? Pharmaceutical Markup, Physician Ownership, and Patient Retention in TaiwanSpeaker:Professor Meng-Chi Tang
2021-01-27 (Wed)How Do Stock Market Experiences Shape Wealth Inequality?Speaker:Dr. Xiaowen Lei
2021-02-05 (Fri)(Macro/Finance webinar) Allocating Losses: Bail-ins, Bailouts and Bank RegulationSpeaker:Professor Todd Keister
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