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ECON Journal List

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**This webpage provided the print and electronic west journals list of the Library, Institute of Economics. 
    Full journal collection of the Academia Sinica's Library links: Search Local Catalog, AS Library Service 

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Title ISSN Publisher / Platform Full-text Subscription Content Type Lib. Catalog
Review of Income and Wealth0034-6586Wiley 1966-2015/ EJ:1997-currentP/ EJ only (2016-)View
Review of Industrial Organization0889-938XSpringer 2002-2016/ EJ:1984-currentP/ EJ only (2017-)View
Review of international economics0965-7576Wiley1994-2012/ EJ:1997-currentP/ EJ only (2013-)View
Review of International Economics  (1992-1996)1467-9396 Wiley (Backfiles)1992-1996EJ (Archive)View
Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies0219-0915World Scientific 1998-/ EJ:2001-currentP/ EJView
Ricerche Economiche (1993-1994)0035-5054ScienceDirect (Backfiles)1993-1994EJ (Archive)View
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